Whether I create a new meta datapoint or edit an existing one, when I click on Generate History that icon blinks for a while, and then a pop-up window displays the number of points generated. The number of points generated seems to correspond to the "Update event" interval and the inception of the first input context point; the wait time also seems to correlate to the number of points generated. However, the "Point Details" page does not show the newly generated points: neither in the point history nor in the graph. I suspect that the point history is being generated but not stored in the database. I use this feature a lot, both when fine tuning formulas or when creating new meta datapoints. Can you please look into this ASAP?

Relevant modules: core 2.0.6, meta 1.4.0

On a related note, when I was using Mango 1.12.4, it seemed that I often had to purge all data before generating history. Does "generate history" always generate from Inception to Latest, or do I have to purge old data first? What time interval does it generate over if I already have points in the history?