Hi all

We ve been able to configure Mango in order to acquire periodically a copule of datapoints via ModBus/TCP.

Our remote device (http://www.equadro.com/Prodotti.php?Action=Vedi&id=4) has Ethernet and GPRS connectivity.

If/When our device is offline, we use to collect and store locally our points, and then we normally upload them to a server
once connection is restored. We store our measurements in internal filesystem.

Please notice that we can encode our variables in any format, eg labeling them (MODBUS/TCP: INREG: OFFSET=0x00: VALUE=xxxxx) and upload them via TFTP to same server who hosts Mango.

My question is, is it possible for Mango to parse this file, extract datapoints ane merge them with valued red (maybe 6 hours before, when our device was online) via Modbus/TCP ?

Thank you for your help,