Hi all,

I am using Mango to get MODBUS data from various sources, including RTU's residing on Xbee nodes via a Digi Connectport X4.

I would like to POST data to the Etherios cloud using the Mango HTTP sender publisher, and have successfully tested this using HTTP POST with a Python Script.

However, I am unsure as to the format of the Static Parameters in the Mango HTTP sender properties.

The path is http://<hostname>/ws/DataPoint/one
I need to add the following snippet of the HTTP POST method to a KEY:


I cannot use just the two entries:
KEY=data and Value=42
KEY=staticId and Value=one
Somewhere I need to add the "DataPoint" header

Obviously the value "42" would be where I put the Mango point "Parameter name", but
I am first trying to send just a static value.

The "staticId" is the Etherios Data stream ID, and remains constant.

Can anyone shed some light on this?