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    you can search for 'BBMD' in this forum. There should be enough articles to get you started.

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    Hi, Guys
    I figured it out the issue (at least for me).
    It is to do with the broadcast address. For me, I needed to change it from to (which is my subnet host ip range).
    after doing that, all is well.
    0_1567175967998_Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.37.32 am.png

    @techalton - give it try.


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    In the legacy UI, the BACnet publisher can automatically assign BACnet Object Instance ID, see below:
    0_1569075486491_Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 12.16.43 am.png

    However, in the modern UI, the Instance ID has to be manually assigned, see below:
    0_1569075618742_Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 12.19.16 am.png

    Can i suggest following features to be added:
    1-automatic assignment of Instance ID
    2-automatic assignment of Instance ID from last ID when additional same type of points are added. for example, if AV1 was added previously, then the next AV to be added needs to have AV2 assigned to it.
    3-CSV download/upload feature to facilitate mass edit.
    4-COV settings for each analog point.


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  • cwangv

    Right. I understand.
    the only way is one Data Source for each BACnet/IP-PLC then. Just have a go and put in all 150. What is the worse can happen? :)

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    do a search on upgrade or re-install or have a look at the documentation website. I saw an article not that long ago that helped me on a similar situation.


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    I want to give you a comparison from the point of view of Building Automation Systems (BAS) that will have to deal with such massive amount of points.
    Generally, the BAS will have network controller which is similar to a MangoES that polls various devices then either do something with them or perform data-sharing between network controllers.
    To accommodate 32000 points and maintain acceptable performance, 2000 physical/software points from all these devices is generally the limit i will put on each network controller.
    So, i will need at least 16 network controllers. So that will be 16 CPUs (or cores) (one per network controllers, they could be ARM or similar, keep in mind, these network controllers CPU are much slower than a mid-range desktop CUP). Each network controller may have 2GB RAM, so there will be 32 GB RAM required.
    In addition, in system this big, there will be a separate Server-Class PC to serve up all the webpages to the end-users. This server-class PC will at least have 8-core and 16GB RAM. All up, there are at least 24 cores CPUs and 48GB RAM required to run this system.
    Looking at your server spec, it is under-powered.

    I hope the above makes sense.

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    I have built a watchlist with multiple tags selection options.
    As shown below, when I selected multiple items with long names, the two tags display areas overlap which makes it illegible.

    I know in dashboard designer, i can set the item list display to go 'table' view which will avoid such issue.

    Can i ask if this can be addressed in the standard watchlist object? Or Have I miss-configured any settings?

    thanks in advance!


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    i think you have bugs in your markup code. that is what i have seen during my programming.
    Just restore your prior version and do it again.

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  • cwangv

    I think there is a sample dashboard called 'Daily comparison chart' inside Mango
    that will help you out.
    I have created a dashboard similar to what you want for daily/monthly/yearly comparison on the same kWh point.
    Below is where you can find the aforementioned sample dashboard.
    Hope this helps.

    0_1588395595135_Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 2.46.48 pm.png

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    I noticed there no 'Save As' function for the above two UIs. I know I can copy/paste the underlining codes between
    pages. But I think it will improve productivity and reduce errors by having such function.


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