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    Devin Homan41

    The configuration file for that particular Mango install is attached
    to ticket 1146 on the support page. We have three TUF meters on a
    single RS485 bus that are polled once every five seconds, with a
    baud rate of 9600. We see one error about every two days. Mango is
    the only master that we have at the install location, with each
    meter being a slave to it. We are sometimes making multiple single
    register read requests, sending out multiple request packets; we are
    not sending multi-register-read requests. We have a number of TUF
    meter registers that are persistent and store accumulative values,
    so those values are very recognizable when they occur in the wrong
    table or when a value not from that register occurs in its
    corresponding table. My understanding is that each response packet
    from a slave contains a header with the slave id and register id,so it
    should be unambiguous to Mango where to store the data.
    I'm guessing that this is happening when multiple packets are being
    returned from different slaves or from the same slave for different

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    Devin Homan41

    The company I work for is having communication issues between Mango and a number of TUF-2000M meters using ModBus over RS-485. I have issued a ticket, #1146, which contains our Mango's configuration. The issue that we are having is that sometimes data appears to end up in incorrect locations; data that is from one data point ends up in another data point's table. The data is checksummed, so corruption is not the issue. The data is coming from persistent and instantaneous registers, and we are able to see corresponding values in the meters and in Mango sometimes being put in the wrong table, but this only happens occasionally. I was wondering if anyone has noticed similar problems. To me this seems like the kind of problem due to a race condition.

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