• JoelHaggar

    Here is an example of an SVG with color and coordinates being changed.

    <div class="ma-designer-root" id="447bd8dc-dd5d-4955-a00f-38bf41c0864f" style="width: 1366px; height: 768px; position: relative;" ma-scale-to="ma-ui-page-view" ma-center="true">
        <ma-svg id="4806442a-b91e-405c-9ae4-04ff54548554" style="position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; width: 1230px; height: 747.781px;" ng-include="'/rest/v2/file-stores/default/Jupiter Bus Drawing_110117 Model (2)-joel.svg'">
            <div ma-selector="#Breaker1" ng-style="{transform: 'translateX(' + (breaker1.value ? 0 : 30)  + 'px)'}"></div>
            <div ma-selector="#Breaker2" ng-style="{transform: 'translateX(' + (breaker2.value ? 0 : 30)  + 'px)'}"></div>
            <div ma-selector="#Breaker3" ng-style="{transform: 'translateY(' + (breaker3.value ? 0 : -30)  + 'px)'}"></div>
            <div ma-selector="#Breaker1Power" ng-class="{'power-off': !breaker1.value &amp;&amp; (!breaker3.value || !breaker2.value)}"></div>
            <div ma-selector="#Breaker2Power" ng-class="{'power-off': !breaker2.value &amp;&amp; (!breaker3.value || !breaker1.value)}"></div>
            .power-off > * {
                stroke: green;
        <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_TestData_Breaker1" point="breaker1"></ma-get-point-value>
        <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_TestData_Breaker2" point="breaker2"></ma-get-point-value>
        <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_TestData_Breaker3" point="breaker3"></ma-get-point-value>
        <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_TestData_Breaker4" point="breaker4"></ma-get-point-value>
        <ma-switch id="c50ce943-b269-4922-964a-afe45e9994ab" style="position: absolute; left: 1230px; top: 90px;" point="breaker1"></ma-switch>
        <ma-switch id="92e2e353-f4c6-48cd-925b-280915d6ed4e" style="position: absolute; left: 1230px; top: 152px;" point="breaker2"></ma-switch>
        <ma-switch id="a6068041-9570-4ed9-a511-22e46b130b0b" style="position: absolute; left: 1230px; top: 214px;" point="breaker3"></ma-switch>
        <ma-switch id="71515480-e5aa-4637-ad79-bf80c1f4e1ce" style="position: absolute; left: 1230px; top: 276px;" point="breaker4"></ma-switch>

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  • JoelHaggar

    Also, the date bar should default to "Point Default" for the roll-up for a new user. The idea of this is on the Data Point setting you can specify a roll-up or simplify option for each Data Point. If you do this you should get the behavior you want.

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  • JoelHaggar

    Hey just a teaser but Mango 3.5 will include a new feature called Cloud Connect which establishes a secure VPN like connection using reverse ssh tunnels between a central / cloud instance of Mango and a remote instances like a MangoES. It allows for easy access to the remote Mango over this tunnel which I think would work for HTTP publishing. The cool thing is it's entirely in Mango so does not depend on any OS configurations and is super easy to set up.

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  • JoelHaggar

    There are a few ways to do this but we recently added the Administration > Bulk data point edit page which includes a csv download and upload. I updated this page and added a short video to demonstrate.

    Basically, you would select the data source you want to duplicate and click the Download CSV button.

    If it's Modbus IP then you will probably need to manually create the data sources as we haven't added a CSV upload for those yet. One way I would do it is I would export just the JSON for one data source. I would change the XID and host and import it and do this 14 times. I would use XIDs that make sense.

    Then in my CSV I would change the action column to "CREATE" and clear out the XID and ID column. I would then change the Slave ID and the data source xid. If this is Modbus serial then you would have all the data points going into the same data source so you can skip that last step.

    You could have all the 14 inverters in one csv file or import them one at a time. Save the CSV and then upload it on the Bulk data point edit page.

    You can check out this page for more help: https://help.infiniteautomation.com/bulk-importing-data-points/

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  • JoelHaggar

    I'm pretty sure you want your local bind address to be, did you try that?

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  • JoelHaggar

    The Mango TSDB also know as the Mango NoSQL Database is our Time Series Database that comes with our commercial installations. You can check under Administration > Modules and look for it there. 0_1532038699380_ed280982-fbdf-4652-ab29-658a2f8ef4ec-image.png

    You can learn more about it here: https://help.infiniteautomation.com/enterprise-nosql-database/

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  • JoelHaggar

    Can you run the same command on the root file system to see other folders taking up space? Is your MangoES running the latest version? There were some issues resolve in the MangoES Configuration Module that stopped system logs from taking up space?

    Here are two relevant release notes from the MangoES Configuration Module:

    Version 3.3.1
    Fixes to prevent /var/mail/mail file from growing, delete that file if present
    Version 1.2.1
    Fix for inodes filling /var/spool/exim4/input from /etc/cron.d/system-info cron commands

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  • JoelHaggar

    Are you using the new Dashboard Designer or the old Graphic Views? The new UI and Dashboard Designer performs much better. I would strongly recommend learning the new Dashboard Designer rather than Graphic views.

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  • JoelHaggar

    What version of Mango are you using? You'll probably need to share your full ma.log file.

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  • JoelHaggar

    You don't have any modules installed. It looks like you downloaded only the core. You need to download one of the bundles from: https://store.infiniteautomation.com/core


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