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    The REST api has a feature that allows bulk updating of data points via a PUT of a JSON array, but this has not been rigorously tested and is still in Beta. Use at your own risk since not every type of data point has been verified to work. I would suggest making a backup of your database prior to testing your specific updates.

    Here is the basic idea:

    1. Make a GET request to {YourMangoHost}/rest/v1/data-points to get all your data points as an Array in JSON format
    2. Edit your JSON
    3. Do a PUT request with the edited array of data points as the payload to {YourMangoHost}/rest/v1/data-points

    Note that since the JSON structure for a Data Point in the REST API is different than the Mango JSON Export you cannot use one with the other.

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    There is no way to currently get a list of realtime values for multiple points by filtering by data point XID. The next release of Mango will have some RQL endpoints. I can see if I can put it in for the realtime endpoint, this would allow you to perform SQL-like queries via the URL such as:


    More on RQL here: https://github.com/persvr/rql

    For now you could just request ALL the realtime data and filter it by XID on the client side. See this:


    Where the limit is greater than or equal to the number of points in your Point Hierarchy.

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    You say:

    But i don't know how to update this files in my mango installation...

    It will be far easier for you to upgrade to Mango 2.6.0 that has all the work done for you. It will be pre-released very soon.


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