• maya

    thank you phil

    1. the data is real time data, it is read on the device side every 4hrs and looks like:
      12:00 - 5.42
      12:15 - 9.24
      12:30 - 4.98
      and so on.
      saving those values, or even updating the points' runtimes with the newest values on the server side is exactly what I need

    2. I guess I encountered it, because using the latest settings (prior to 1 milliseconds) I do see gaps of 4hrs in the data here and there.

    I would very much appreciate your recommendation for the settings I need in this case.
    thank you

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  • maya

    Hi Craig and Phil

    1. setting the "Synchronize history prior to" to 1 millisecond did solve the problem - and I can now see the data in the master mango as close to "real time" as I can (thank you Craig)
    2. (Phil) "Are you publishing / recording real time data?" , well no, it's historical data of the last 4 hours
      3 (Phil) "I would hesitate ... which is not a safe assumption" - what should I be worried about? what might happen?

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  • maya

    thank you Craig for the quick reply.

    the data is successfully synced up to yesterday using :

    1. publisher's crop pattern = daily 0 0 1 * * ?
    2. publisher's history synchronization = 1 day
    3. point's logging type = All data

    however I'd like to sync the data as it arrives.
    while I know that on 8:00 I'll be receiving the data samples with 15min. gap in the range of 4:00 to 8:00,
    I was not able to configure the system to sync this data on 8:05, nor on any other hour on the same day

    I've tried:
    changing the publisher's crop pattern to 0 0 0/2 ? * * * together with history synchronization of 6 hours
    changing point's logging type to intervals of 15 min / 4 hours
    however none of that seemed to work

    I appreciate your help

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  • maya

    my SQL data source receives data of the last 4 hours (for every 15 min.) every 4 hours.
    I'd like to publish this data to a persistent TCP data source.
    how do I configure the data sources and the publishers so that I get all the data ?
    thank you

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