• philgdep

    Good day @phildunlap ,

    The dashboard module was not installed... It's very strange as it was a clean install.
    The only page not working was the 'users' one.

    Thank you for pointing up.
    No more errors now.

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  • philgdep

    Good day,

    I already did those manipulations before. The error is new and only on the users page.
    It seems that the file /mango-javascript/mango-2.0/api.js doesnt exist

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  • philgdep

    Good day,

    Since some days the 'users' page is unavailable on a Mango 2.8.8
    I'm getting errors with require.js on the script https://xxxx/mango-javascript/mango-2.0/api.js,

    because its MIME type ('text/html') is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled.

    [image removed]

    We cannot access to the page. The other pages have no problem.
    Do you guys have an idea to fix ?

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  • philgdep

    Hi @phildunlap ,

    Thank's for the reply, somehow I figured it out...

    The easy explanation is a bit out any rational answer... => I have to use the grey cloud

    The DNS for our domain name is controlled by CloudFlare. And the traffic was directed through the 'wrong' path.

    "Orange cloud" (proxied) Load Balancers have an automatic TTL - this means that CloudFlare will announce CloudFlare IP addresses externally, but will protect (mask) your origin server IP addresses. Any changes to your Load Balancer will propagate within seconds inside Cloudflare, including any failover events. The primary benefit here is that external DNS resolver caches that do not respect short (e.g. 30s) TTLs will not impact the failover speed of your Load Balancer.
    "Grey cloud" (DNS only) Load Balancers may be configured with a TTL from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. CloudFlare will serve the addresses of the (healthy) origin servers directly but relies on DNS resolvers respecting the short TTL in order to re-query Cloudflare's DNS for an updated list of healthy addresses.

    Anyway, by using the orange cloud, all the charts were 100x200 px. and I have absolutely no clue why...
    Maybe your devs will laugh loud seeing this post. If anyone knows an explanation, I would be glad to know

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  • philgdep

    Re: No Charts Displayed

    We are currently having the same issue.
    In Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE, all is working fine except the charts.

    In the watch list, no chart at all.
    In the data Points, the chart is there but very small,

    Very strangely, if I connect trough the local network, all is working fine.

    0_1506604360409_Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 14.51.35.png

    0_1506604376249_Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 14.51.54.png

    ![0_1506608613784_Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 14.52.37.png](Uploading 100%)

    any idea ?

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  • philgdep

    There was no code in the 'Statistics' page.

    Turning the Preview off doesn't seem to fix the problem. The div is still blank with no editor place to change/put the code.
    Is hard refreshing "shift cmd-R" ? if yes, it doesn't fix either.
    I don't see any errors in the console.

    I was using Firefox and strangely, in Chrome and Safari, it seems to work.
    So maybe a problem with the Firefox browser?

    New training video would be great! I'm a bit confused by all the 'tmp' automatically put everywhere with ma-point-list

    Just need to know how to select a data source then device then the points from that device to stats or chart. I think with that the overall will be demonstrated.

    Thank's for clarifications about the new filters.

    I'll stick to code myself for the moment.

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  • philgdep

    Good day,

    I can't use the page editor in the dashboard.0_1496844217575_Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 15.58.12.png

    Impossible to move the little triangle on the right bottom side of the editor div.
    If I create a new page it does the same. It makes it impossible to enter any text.
    Sometimes I have the same problem in dashboard designer.
    It's also not possible to delete any pages.

    All modules have been updated to latest today.

    Could you also please make a video on how to make graphs or stats etc.. working in the dashboard designer? I can make all in the page editor by writing my own code but I've spent so much time to try to make it work in the dashboard designer with no success.

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  • philgdep

    I have some problems using Mango and Node-Red on the same machine.
    When Mango is running, I can't access anymore Node-Red.

    I tried to change access port of node-red (default 1880) to 1890,2222 and the same problem.

    Do you have somewhere information about wich ports Mango 3 is using? And better if I can control them?
    I don't have that problem when 2.8 is running.

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  • philgdep

    The problem was that I had an open balise.
    Wasn't using Sublime Text so didn't saw it in a long code.

    Still strange that it was working everywhere else than iPad...
    Maybe Chrome and FF are so smart that they correct the bad code themselves...

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  • philgdep

    @phildunlap Thanks a lot ! its working now. You guys are very efficient!

    The fix you sent me will be ok or the later store version will be better ? Just to know if I have to delete de override file later?


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